Landscaping Elements to Keep in Mind
Here are some things you should keep in mind when landscaping your garden.

Space is air or volume defined by the physical elements and man’s visual imagination. Rooms are space – they can be defined by walls, ceilings and floors.
Landscape spaces can be defined by trees, earth, plants and buildings.

Mass is the opposite of space. These elements depend on each other within the composition.

Light and Shade
These 2 elements are constantly changing, ever altering the view people have of your garden.

Scent and Sound
Appeal to all the sense. A babbling stream or the splash of a water feature, flowering plants that attract birds and strong scented plants can all enhance the landscape experience.

Climate, Time and Season
Plants grow and look different as each season changes. Plants change colour and shape as they change. The average Australian landscape will require revision every 5 – 7 year cycle because of the growth that occurs.

Who will be looking after the garden? The most dramatic influence on landscapes is made by the people who look after them. Consider the changes you make as it may be changed by future tenants.

Design the landscape for many views? Far too often landscapes are designed only for one view. Consider what will be seen as people walk through the landscape or see it from a different position.

Defines the visual definitions between the elements of a landscape. Consider a garden gate, pergola, or an entry through a planting or a hedge.
TEST: Close your eyes and walk through your garden – do you still enjoy it when you can’t see it? That’s the real test!
Carefully planning your landscape will result in better landscaping solutions that will benefit your for many years to come